• O Lord our God, other masters besides You have ruled us; But through You alone we confess Your name. [Isa 26:13 NASB]. Your face, LORD, do I seek. [Psa 27:8 ESV].

Book Download: Under The Tower Of Babel

We learn only one thing from history: that history repeats itself. It would be helpful if we learned from our mistakes or from those before us. Nonetheless, it seems that the primary benefit of experience is that it enables us to recognize our error when we are in the middle of repeating it again. The Tower of Babel is a very important part of man’s history. For it was at the Tower that man made his first attempt to set up a one-world government. This ‘New World Order’ defied the command of Creator God to subdue the earth and to fill it. Instead mankind determined to centralize civil government, to settle into one place and make a name for himself.

This is the book exposing the agenda behind the International Parks movement in 1995. The Washington State Legislature was considering a resolution favoring the International Parks movement. We wrote this book and delivered it to every member of the legislature. Shortly, thereafter, they approved a resolution rejecting the International Parks movement.

The International Parks movement is no more but the idea has been continued under various agendas; by many of the same people and organizations. The movement to rob the American people of their right to Life, Liberty and Property is afoot and has been since 1776; even since 1215 and before.

Though much of this book is outdated, the underlying philosophy is not. You will gain much understanding from the arguments laid out in this book. Liberty requires eternal vigilance. Stay vigilant, stay informed and pass this on.

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