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The Love of God: words and music

If we follow Christ, we live in this world but are not of this world. This world brings pain, but our hope is to be with God forever, sin free, pain free, sorrow free. We will be rejoicing with God forever. Meanwhile Romans 8:28 tells us all things work together for our good and the […]

Old Story: The Fish That Got Away

Just minutes before, Jon D had just brought in his first fish. Must have been all of five ounces and just about six inches long. But it was his first fish and he was going to have it mounted. He made a big deal of it, you’d have thought the fish was at least two feet long and had weighed some kind of record.

An Introduction: Under the Tower of Babel

I am here to talk to you about the facts and philosophy of the International Park and its promoters. You need to understand the philosophy if you expect to understand the “what” and the “why” they are trying to sell you.

Book Download: Under The Tower Of Babel

We learn only one thing from history: that history repeats itself. It would be helpful if we learned from our mistakes or from those before us. Nonetheless, it seems that the primary benefit of experience is that it enables us to recognize our error when we are in the middle of repeating it again. The Tower of Babel is a very important part of man’s history. For it was at the Tower that man made his first attempt to set up a one-world government. This ‘New World Order’ defied the command of Creator God to subdue the earth and to fill it. Instead mankind determined to centralize civil government, to settle into one place and make a name for himself.

Against Amillennialism And Other Such Unbiblical Theories

This paper is to give Biblical rebuttal to those who say Christ’s millennial reign is spiritual and not physical – that it has been ongoing since He ascended on high and that there will not be a thousand year period originating at a specific location where Christ reigns, as described in Scripture. Supplemental to this […]