The Meaning of Life: by TJ Kastning

This poem was written by TJ Kastning of Hayden, Idaho after much thought about the controversy surrounding the viral video, “I Hate Religion But Love Jesus.” I think this is an excellent poem that lays the responsibility for our bad lives squarely upon ourselves instead of transferring blame to the hypocrites who have gone before us. I hope you enjoy this.

by TJ Kastning

I was disaffected, disenfranchised, and disgusted
So few people I trusted, totally maladjusted

My religion failed me, a listing boat on a dead sea
To a blatant degree I did not foresee

I blamed all but myself and put Christ on the shelf
Foolishly enticed to misprice a diced Christ

Self-reliance and pseudoscience described my noncompliance
I yelled “defiance” in a war of grand alliance

I thought my logic and intellect would save the day
Though selfish illogic and human introspect led me astray

I thought I rebelled against a wrong church
It was a self-confident search from a hypocritical perch

Casting blame on the Christian name
Failing to claim the shell game of my shame

I was a pinball without aim
A guessing game all the same

I felt banned to no man’s land
I could not understand

Then there was a miracle
While I waned satirical, God’s mercy waxed empirical

In a predestined play God declared armistice day
I felt brokenly compelled to pray, mayday mayday

Even still, my heart was still hard and scarred and on-guard
I did not fully regard this love greeting card

He still poured down grace out of place
But I held my poker face, just in case

Undeserving of love I was
Reserving my soul He, because that is what he does

I cannot and will not resist anymore
It is a chore to ignore my role in this vital war

I am his fervent bond servant
Observant to be conversant with truth

On the stage floor of world war
I ask what is the score as you grope and implore after more

Every man feels eternity’s weight
Ecclesiastes 3:11 preaches this trait

No man finds God alone
Our bones groan to this fatal tone

Christ must save you, on this you MUST rely
No deed of petty moralism does salvation imply

For all have sinned and come short of glory
Embrace his forgiveness not just the good story

It is ironic to us that while we are all weak
God’s strength is sufficient, it is God we must seek

The limitless store of mercy will stay your trap door
The key to restore to prewar is to abandon your quest for yours

No one is good
You misunderstood

God’s precious gift is that we inherit eternal merit
Through the blood of Christ, twenty four karat

Do not be allured by the shiny deceit all around
No long-lasting crowns are found in shallow town

While some eat, drink, and be merry unwary
The Bride waits patiently, knowing He tarries

The point I am desperately making
There is more to life than waking, making, and taking

Seek for eternity!
It is not in fraternity

This world is passing away
You are merely clay in decay

We live in an arena
A coliseum, not a concertina

We can live in comfort and die infernal
Or fight for God’s glory and live eternal

Reflect Christ, instead of flesh
Make me like wheat for when you perfectly thresh

You say give thanks, but my flesh chases after wealth
Your great love cares little for comfort or bills of health

You say diligently walk in light to fight the blight
Not as religious rite, keep a Godly line of sight

The deeds of darkness are shamefully disguised
As pleasurable expressions of selfishness immortalized

The lust of the flesh and the pride of life
Is dangled by the one who swings the scythe

Walkers in light will see with spiritual eyes
Appraisers by grace, careful of the lies

Sin holds no lure, no bondage, no attraction
His sheep hear His voice and cling to prayerful action

The battle seems long and resistance comes dear
The price sometimes steep, but what have we to fear

Keep your eyes on Jesus, no matter the cost
Persevere through trial, nothing will be lost

Perfect He will present us, atonement fully made
Names in the Book of Life, penalty staid

Gleaming we will be, not of merit our own
No price we paid for our sin sadly sown

The victory is certain, it has been proclaimed
I will not be ashamed to be defamed, maimed, or unnamed

The Kingdom is forthcoming
The World is succumbing

Choose this day whom you will serve
Make no mistake, there is no grading on a curve

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  1. Judy Fenton
    Posted 02 Feb 2012 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    Very insightful and this poem inspires me. Thanks.

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