Lying Liar Lies Claiming Opponent Is Lying

Kootenai County Primary Elections 20 May 2014 were generally a sweep of true conservatives ousting moderate and reasonable GOP candidates. The lone survivor was Luke Malek, the engine behind Butch Otter’s campaign to inflict Obamacare upon the freedom loving people of Idaho.

When raising my kids, I often warned them the nicest guys are the most evil. Idaho, meet Luke Malek.

Luke raised more money than his opponent, Toby Schindelbeck, and he was able to get about twice the mailings to the voters. Plus, he was able to enlist the help of the falsely-name Idaho Prosperity Fund to send out hit pieces on his opponent. Liars love company. On one of his last flyers, Luke claimed his opponent was lying about him. He didn’t waste his time identifying or correcting the lies – he just wanted you to know Toby was lying and please don’t believe the lies. And in today’s political climate, exposing the conservative impostors is always an attack and/or a lie.

In another hit piece, he defended bringing in the State Exchange, claiming the State Exchange is pro-life while Obamacare is pro-abortion. I don’t know if Luke even has a pro-life bone in his body, yet he was successful at manipulating the conversation. The short answer is that state exchanges are set up to administer Obamacare – there is no division when it comes to administering the regulation. If Luke was truly against Obamacare, he could have led the movement to opt our state out of the program altogether – just as twenty-six states had already done.

The problem is, the lying liar was bucking for a job – a six-figure job, helping companies find their way around the Obamacare regulations. No regulations – no job: so the man had an incentive to bring us to slavery. The end of the story is the manipulating schemer is gainfully employed, while his constituents have one more link added to their chains.

The fact he was raised in Idaho is supposed to make us feel good about this whole thing. Luke smiles nice and is a generally good fellow and so many good conservative people like his Facebook page. Didn’t Jesus warn us the devil would send prophets (or politicians) who would deceive even the elect if that were possible? Yet, he has a huge conservative following – many of them professing Christians. Jesus asked the question, “How can you believe in Me when you care more about the praise of man?” [John 5:44]. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as we all feel good.

About the author: cominus

Cominus is the pen-name for Dean Isaacson. He was chairman of the Snohomish County Republican Central Committee (Washington) 1990 to 1992. He conducted legal research for the late Supreme Court Justice William C. Goodloe for several years and led Judicial Forum for many years. Now, he is a crazy kinda guy who spends most his time doing cold calls. He plays his harmonica in the truck because people don't want to listen to him practice - but his dog, Miles (black dachshund), loves to sing along. He is passionate about being passionate because everyone is really into passionate these days but tires easily and hides behind emails. His core belief is you will choose to serve God or you will serve the state - tyrants, as William Penn called it.

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