Cominus: The word is derived from the latin words comitis, meaning companion or friend; and comminus, close in combat, or hand to hand combat. Cominus seems to have been used more in the intellectual context than as a strict military term — though the intellectual battle is often similar to physical combat in many respects. As such, the general meaning was the friendly, or trustful exposition of information rendered close at hand, or without filtering through other sources.

This adoption of the name is intended to express my intent to render to you the truth, void of deluding through the mainstream media, self-help hysteria or other worldly filters. You will find no sympathy toward political correctness, tolerance of diversity, victimhood or psycho-babel here — whether veiled as religious or not.

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I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.
[Psa 45:17 NIV 1984]

O Lord, I have heard of your fame and stand in awe of your works. Revive them in our time; even now, make Yourself known - but in Your wrath remember mercy.
[Hab 3:3]

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