Christians Have Lost the War on Pronouns

Reprint (modified) from an article written in 1996.

The Bible tells us God made man in His own image (Gen 1:27). In other words, God created man to reflect His image. So that man would not be alone, God created woman from the bone of man. Together, man and woman become mankind. Nonetheless, we do not refer to mankind as womankind – even though women are a subset of “man.” This is for a very good reason – the same reason our gender neutral pronouns have been male for over a thousand years – to reflect God’s image. Most religious people understand it is blasphemous to address or identify God as “she” or with any other female pronoun. But few understand we are mocking God when we use female pronouns to address or identify any gender neutral reference to man or mankind.

Most people do not understood the history of our language and the schools no longer teach how the structure of a nation’s language reflects their view of God. The use of male pronouns for gender neutral language is traditional throughout the history of the English language and female pronouns have been unacceptable for gender neutral subjects until recent feminist demands. Christians have capitulated to the modern politically correct environment – partly because they think it to be a small issue and not worth a fight. In our efforts to project a kind and inclusive image, we have surrendered to the whinings and tantrums of those who hate God and have changed the rendering of our language to fit cultural demands.

It was God who coined the term “man” for gender neutral subjects: “He created them male and female. . . and He called them ‘man’.” [Gen 5:2] God further demonstrated this principle when, talking to Moses, He referred to “a man or woman” as “he” (Num 5:5-7; 6:1-4). Because of America’s foundation in the Laws of the Scripture and the heritage of our Christian European forefathers before that, the use of the pronouns “his,” “him,” and such are not always gender specific but may apply equally to the male and/or female party – just as God illustrated this through His Word.

The Bible is very clear God is not a woman. Because of this we do not address Him in the feminine. So too, using feminine pronouns for gender neutral has not been practiced among Christian nations. It is only practiced among nations who worship goddesses, have a weak view of God and/or have rejected God altogether. It is wrong to substitute or even to join the female pronouns for gender neutral subjects (“he or she,” “him or her” and such). We have over a thousand years of English language and God’s example in His Word to the back this up. A nation’s laws reflect their view of God. So too, a nation’s language, as in the use of gender neutral pronouns, reflects their image of God.

Although our nation was founded upon the laws of the Scriptures, we have removed God from almost every arena of life. This attempt to substitute or join female pronouns for gender neutral subjects is just one more way to remove God from our society. Christians, especially, should be looking at this more seriously because God gave us the example in His Word.

God save our nation.

About the author: cominus

Cominus is the pen-name for Dean Isaacson. He was chairman of the Snohomish County Republican Central Committee (Washington) 1990 to 1992. He conducted legal research for the late Supreme Court Justice William C. Goodloe for several years and led Judicial Forum for many years. Now, he is a crazy kinda guy who spends most his time doing cold calls. He plays his harmonica in the truck because people don't want to listen to him practice - but his dog, Miles (black dachshund), loves to sing along. He is passionate about being passionate because everyone is really into passionate these days but tires easily and hides behind emails. His core belief is you will choose to serve God or you will serve the state - tyrants, as William Penn called it.

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