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Constitutional Conservatives Led Astray By Donald Trump

It is an amazing thing to watch Constitutional Conservatives – most of them professing Christians – abandon our foremost constitutional candidate, Ted Cruz, and jump on the bandwagon for the fascist populist, Donald Trump. Their claim is Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen. To support their claim, they . . .
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Will Judge Bush Dismiss the Hitching Post?

How will the case of the Hitching Post vs City of CDA go? It has been a week and a day since the most recent motion was heard (motion to dismiss brought by the city). I was there and very disappointed with Hitching Post’s attorneys. Rather than boiling the issue down to the . . .
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Fear of Man Is Vote Against God

Last night, at the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, I witnessed a bunch of professing Christians stand down on the vote to acknowledge Idaho to be a Christian State. Not that all the stand downs were professing Christians but I thought it quite ironic for Christians to vote to keep . . .
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New Leadership in GOP Legislative District Four

Well, it is official: last night Legislative District 4 of the Kootenai County GOP elected a democrat (RINO) for chairman. Nominated and promoted by Rick Currie, former commissioner and one of the most liberal members of the party. Congratulate Tom Cronin but don’t expect him to be at the forefront . . .
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There Cannot Be Unity in the GOP

A week and a half ago, I was sitting in a room of concerned precinct officers, planning for the local party election the following evening. The current chairman of our central committee explained to us he had made some mistakes but his goal for the second term would be to . . .
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Lying Liar Lies Claiming Opponent Is Lying

Kootenai County Primary Elections 20 May 2014 were generally a sweep of true conservatives ousting moderate and reasonable GOP candidates. The lone survivor was Luke Malek, the engine behind Butch Otter’s campaign to inflict Obamacare upon the freedom loving people of Idaho. When raising my kids, I often warned them . . .
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Wisdom for the New Year – Forcefully Advancing

This is from the archives, originally published in 1997: Who is responsible to stand for the Word of God in a culture that has lost its moral compass? God wants to know who is willing: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me . . .
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Luke Malek’s Pride Will Be Idaho’s Downfall

ATTENTION IDAHO: If you do not contact your state representative immediately – OBAMACARE WILL BE LAW IN IDAHO – we will have a bill on the governor’s desk within a few weeks establishing a state health exchange. When this happens, expect a new bureaucracy to be formed, health care costs . . .
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Freshman Lawmakers Make Grandstand For Status Quo

In a bold move, sixteen (16) freshman lawmakers in the Idaho house are pressing for the status quo – more big government. Gone are the days when newly elected idealogues stand boldly for cherished principle then slowly recede via compromise into the landscape. Now they grandstand for absolutely no principle . . .
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Christians Have Lost the War on Pronouns

Reprint (modified) from an article written in 1996. The Bible tells us God made man in His own image (Gen 1:27). In other words, God created man to reflect His image. So that man would not be alone, God created woman from the bone of man. Together, man and woman become . . .
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