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Wisdom for the New Year – Forcefully Advancing

This is from the archives, originally published in 1997: Who is responsible to stand for the Word of God in a culture that has lost its moral compass? God wants to know who is willing: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me . . .
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Luke Malek’s Pride Will Be Idaho’s Downfall

ATTENTION IDAHO: If you do not contact your state representative immediately – OBAMACARE WILL BE LAW IN IDAHO – we will have a bill on the governor’s desk within a few weeks establishing a state health exchange. When this happens, expect a new bureaucracy to be formed, health care costs . . .
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Freshman Lawmakers Make Grandstand For Status Quo

In a bold move, sixteen (16) freshman lawmakers in the Idaho house are pressing for the status quo – more big government. Gone are the days when newly elected idealogues stand boldly for cherished principle then slowly recede via compromise into the landscape. Now they grandstand for absolutely no principle . . .
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Christians Have Lost the War on Pronouns

Reprint (modified) from an article written in 1996. The Bible tells us God made man in His own image (Gen 1:27). In other words, God created man to reflect His image. So that man would not be alone, God created woman from the bone of man. Together, man and woman become . . .
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Obama’s Plan to Disarm Law Abiding Citizens

Quote of the Day – by Allen West There’s not a single directive the President announced today that would have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook. This is all about extending government control over the lives of law-abiding American citizens. The administration is focused on “gun control,” but what about “spending control?” . . .
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Pragmatism Will Not Hold Our Constitutional Republic

The original title of this article is “Pragmatism is Not Compatible With Christian Principle.” This is a classic reprise reprinted from Tandem Vincitur, July 1997 and posted to this website in September 2008. It has been reprinted by others almost every election cycle and stolen by some. My policy is . . .
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Reprint: Foundation for the New World Order

This is a blast from the past – stumbled onto it on the internet. It was reprinted from our April/May 1998 newsletter, Tandem Vincitur. It is still relevant today. Hope you find it useful. I listened to Billy Graham on Larry King’s radio show. Larry asked the minister what he . . .
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Town Hall Meeting and Conversations of Death

Last night, I attended a Town Hall meeting at the Hayden city council chambers. The meeting featured Steve Vick, our State Senator and Phil Hart and Vito Barbieri, our two State Representatives for District 3. There appeared to be two groups of people present: the first group was pro-life, constitutional, . . .
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From the Archive: A Speech To the Constitution Party

[This is an old speech but it is not out of date. The names and faces may have changed but the issues are even more clear today.] In his article for the Monroe Weekly entitled, CONSERVATIVES: MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT, Paul Elvig wrote: Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian . . .
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The Frankenstein World the Left Marginalized the Right About

It is amazing we have come this far. Remember even as little as twenty years ago, the Left marginalized the Right, that embryo experimentation could lead to man-animal hybrids? And we are here now? and the Right was right after all? God save our nation. Columbus, OH – May 27, 2010 – . . .
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