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Fear of Man Is Vote Against God

Last night, at the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, I witnessed a bunch of professing Christians stand down on the vote to acknowledge Idaho to be a Christian State. Not that all the stand downs were professing Christians but I thought it quite ironic for Christians to vote to keep . . .
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New Leadership in GOP Legislative District Four

Well, it is official: last night Legislative District 4 of the Kootenai County GOP elected a democrat (RINO) for chairman. Nominated and promoted by Rick Currie, former commissioner and one of the most liberal members of the party. Congratulate Tom Cronin but don’t expect him to be at the forefront . . .
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Three Quick Rules for Writing Effective Resolutions

Resolutions can become somewhat controversial within a local political party. It does not have to be the subject matter, any more than it may be the maker, to create the controversy. This is so, because resolutions are quickly perceived to be personal matters among rival groups and a resolution gives . . .
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PCO Lessons From the Summer of 1992

In the summer of 1992, eight or nine Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to the Evergreen State Fair to clear out the Snohomish County Republicans’ booth. I got there just as it was happening. Before I tell you the rest of the story, I would like to give you a little . . .
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Dilemma of DFO: The Seat of Mockers

At Hayden Bible Church, beware of DFO – David F. Oliveria. He is a professing Christian but he appears to have a hard time applying his Biblical beliefs to his public life. He teaches adult Sunday School at Hayden Bible Church and he writes a political column for the Spokesman . . .
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Hayden Chamber of Commerce Position on Tea Party and My Response

[Note: 08 April 2009, someone from the Chamber sent a mass email notifying members of the upcoming Tea Party in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Many of us were glad to receive the information. I was glad to find we had a local Tea Party and attended that event today – it . . .
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Values for Money, the Exchange is Free

copyright 1996, Dean Isaacson Recently, I attended a self-actualization seminar. It was not presented as such, and actually, I did not stay for the whole presentation. Let me explain. A few months earlier, I signed up as a dealer for a multi level marketing company. Upon registering, I was advised that to . . .
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