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Sanders Announces Campaign Return to Supreme Court

Former Justice Richard B. Sanders of the Washington Supreme Court announced today his candidacy for the open seat left on the court by retiring Justice Tom Chambers. Justice Sanders served on the court between 1995 and 2011, having been narrowly defeated in 2010 with more than 49.6% of the vote. I . . .
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Justice Sanders’ Bum Rap Regarding African Americans

By Lem Howell – Special to The Times IRONICALLY, Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders has been unfairly targeted for simply stating the fact that a disproportionate representation of African Americans in our prison population is (obviously) the result of a disproportionate rate of criminal convictions. I say “ironically” because Justice . . .
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Washington Judicial Candidates General Election Review 2010

This is an update from the Primary Election review (15 July 2010). We have not made changes, except to cancel-out settled elections from the primary and updated information submitted to us. Not all the Cominus’ picks have solid credentials. Some are lesser of evils. 5 stars means the candidate is at . . .
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Washington State Judicial Candidates Primary Review 2010

In days gone by, Judicial Forum used to review actual court cases and rate all the judges and attorneys involved. We no longer have that resource, although you may view the archives at and at . Now we search the web for information on the candidates. We review . . .
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Two Opinions of the Lone Dissenter

[from Justice Sanders newsletter: ] Today let’s take a closer look at two recent lone dissents by Justice Sanders. He believes the court is there to protect people’s legal rights and will stand for them, even if he stands alone. He sees a dissent as an epitaph on a tombstone . . .
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The Camouflaged Treachery In Obama’s Inaugural Speech!

This is from Ron Ewart, president of National Association of Rural Landowners. How easy it is for a grand orator to let words flow melodically from his or her mouth. How easy it is to say one thing for the benefit of a particular audience, but believe another. . . .
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AP: Obama praises Dean while introducing Kaine

This news article is very funny and it displays how the left talk out of both sides of their mouth. Obama talks positive while throwing Howard Dean under the bus. Here is the article, my comments will follow: President-elect Barack Obama welcomed Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine Thursday as the new Democratic . . .
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From My Friend to Encourage Us to be Faithful

This was sent by my friend, John Beal. Not certain the author. At the end of the poem, I have attached one of my favorite verses. May this bless you as it blessed me. God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform: He plants His footsteps upon the sea, . . .
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Titus and Philemon – 13 December 2008

Titus chapter one: The key verse is in the greeting: “. . . the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness.” [v1] In other words, sound doctrine leads us to proper obedience. Paul warned later in verse twelve, “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.” So, it appears Paul’s . . .
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Lawyers For Liberty

This just came in today. Last night, I was talking with the registered agent for Judicial Forum and suggested we allow the corporate registration to lapse. So, while Judicial Forum is fazing out, another conservative group is being formed. The last few years have seen several “conservative” judicial watch organizations form. . . .
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