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Walking with Henry and the Confinement Conspiracy

“Some of these men are brilliant. I love talking to them; I am impressed with them and their ideas – they are brilliant men. But they put them here to shut them away.” Henry’s eyes began to tear up as he continued, talking low so as not to be overheard. . . .
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57 Years Mom Was Lying to Me

She has repeatedly told me I was born on Thanksgiving and what a wonderful blah blah blah, etc. But I looked on a calendar today – just to confirm it was so and found out I was either born the day before Thanksgiving, or I was born a year later. Being . . .
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Life on the Ranch with Jackie

Whew –  I am out of breath (hard for fat old Polish Woman to convince the body it can run like a 16 year old) and have to take a break…. It is that time of year again when the wildlife and other things start STIRRING around these parts. I mentioned a . . .
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The Problem with the Nigger Word

Yesterday, a friend stopped by the shop to visit. He has four sons and a daughter, all are high school age and above. These are smart kids; they work hard, they study hard and they make good friends. They were home schooled, for the most part. He told me a story . . .
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What this Country Needs – Good Old All-American Alcoholism!

The mission was to meet a truck in Spokane, take some photos of the truck and the mining equipment it was hauling. The company wanted to get the photos on the website. Accustomed as I am to accepting time-consuming projects that promise adventure but lack any remuneration, I readily accepted . . .
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Snohomish County GOP Apologizes to Democrats

This just in from Jackie Juntti: According to today’s Seattle P-I, a Republican fair booth worker was handing out fake three dollar bills with an image of Barak Hussein Obama wearing a turban and an inscription, “IBD14UOK” (I be de one for you, OK). The reactions to this are a perfect . . .
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What Does This Sign Mean?

During my travels, I have come across many amusing signs. Sometimes I get the photo and sometimes I miss. This photo was taken in Butte, MT. I have tried to understand what this means. What is “local traffic”? Vehicles near the sign have the right-of-way over vehicles farther away? The area . . .
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The Fish That Got Away

copyright 1999, Dean Isaacson My life was passing before my eyes. As I was holding the rod, I could see through the calm water a large fish ready to grab the bait. I had just earlier picked it up only because it was lying on the dock, unattended, with the . . .
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