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Not Only For King James Only Friends

Reprint from 2001: Somehow the original disappeared from this site, so we are correcting the matter with this update, skipping the first page and one-half and keeping the essential text. Paul warns in the fourteenth chapter of Romans, not to strive in disputable matters. His purpose herein is not to discourage . . .
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My Prayer Closet – new book by cominus

My Prayer Closet will encourage you to live your life to the glory of God instead of focusing on building your kingdom here on earth. This pocket size reference is perfect for taking on-the-go; and the prayers are a great tool for daily recitals. The first sections are on prayer: . . .
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Sellout – An Honest Conversation About Race Relations

Ron Miller is a thinker and a good writer. His book, Sellout, discusses race relations honestly. He begins the book attacking Eric Holder’s statement that we are a “nation of cowards” when it comes to conversations about race. Ron’s response is, “it’s because the black community doesn’t encourage honesty but . . .
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Book Review: Obeying the Voice of God

Obeying the Voice of God by Jack MacDonald as told to Donnie MacDonald ISBN 978-0-9778545-1-6 This book begins with an episode of a showdown between the author and a cult leader. The Holy Spirit gave Jack the leading to make a most audacious claim. Jack obeyed and God reaped a great victory in . . .
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My Friend, Jim: the Aqua Velva Man

This book is a simple, fast chronicle of a very interesting and complex life – a FUN life. We all should have fun lives. Some do more than others. To read my friend’s book is like reading the life of a charmed person. But, I know Jim and not everything . . .
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365 Heavenly Ways to Market Your Christian Book

This is Bette Filley’s latest book and it is based around two premises: First, Christian bookstores are not likely to carry or promote a book written by an unknown Christian author; and Second, if you write a book and want to get it sold, you are going to have to . . .
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