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Freshman Lawmakers Make Grandstand For Status Quo

In a bold move, sixteen (16) freshman lawmakers in the Idaho house are pressing for the status quo – more big government. Gone are the days when newly elected idealogues stand boldly for cherished principle then slowly recede via compromise into the landscape. Now they grandstand for absolutely no principle . . .
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Town Hall Meeting and Conversations of Death

Last night, I attended a Town Hall meeting at the Hayden city council chambers. The meeting featured Steve Vick, our State Senator and Phil Hart and Vito Barbieri, our two State Representatives for District 3. There appeared to be two groups of people present: the first group was pro-life, constitutional, . . .
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Do Murdered Unborn Babies Go To Heaven?

This is a question that many wrestle with. Some Christians believe God chooses those who are saved and others believe they choose God. I am of the former and further believe those who are chosen were chosen before the creation of the world (Eph 1:4). Regardless, which view you take . . .
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Embarrassing God – The Dumbing Down of Christianity

The radio DJ on the local Christian station was talking about the picketers from Westboro Baptist Church as embarrassing to God. Granted, I think the people of Westboro Baptist are an embarrassment to themselves, but when he said this, my hackles raised up. At the large church I used to attend, . . .
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Sellout – An Honest Conversation About Race Relations

Ron Miller is a thinker and a good writer. His book, Sellout, discusses race relations honestly. He begins the book attacking Eric Holder’s statement that we are a “nation of cowards” when it comes to conversations about race. Ron’s response is, “it’s because the black community doesn’t encourage honesty but . . .
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Another Reason to Vote for Didier over Rossi

Watch this video. . .
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Abortion agencies try to shut down faith-run pregnancy centers

Early this year a very dangerous new bill was introduced in the Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee. Senate Bill 6452 was a direct attack on Washington’s faith-run Crisis Pregnancy Centers by pro-abortion advocates diametrically opposed to their mission.  The bill was an out-and-out assault on both freedom of speech and freedom . . .
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Collapse or Restoration?

This from David Crowe of I would like to preface his remarks with my thought that the sudden (but not so sudden) turn of events in our nation is not a reason to panic, run, get bitter or hide. As Christians, we are called to be faithful to our . . .
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A Watchman Warning Re the Election of Barack Obama

By David Crowe Why I must speak out against the Election of Barak Hussein Obama to The Presidency of the United States An important role of Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, and “Watchmen” in the Scripture is to guard the sheep by sounding the alarm (Ezekiel 34) when there is a threat to the . . .
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Washington State: Vote Against Initiative 1000

This is a statement written by Arthur Coday, Jr., M.D. You need to read this before voting on I-1000. Here is an excerpt: A look at recent American history shows progression in the killing of innocent human life. It started with the legalization of abortion on demand in 1973 and . . .
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