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Sanders Announces Campaign Return to Supreme Court

Former Justice Richard B. Sanders of the Washington Supreme Court announced today his candidacy for the open seat left on the court by retiring Justice Tom Chambers. Justice Sanders served on the court between 1995 and 2011, having been narrowly defeated in 2010 with more than 49.6% of the vote. I . . .
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The Meaning of Life: by TJ Kastning

This poem was written by TJ Kastning of Hayden, Idaho after much thought about the controversy surrounding the viral video, “I Hate Religion But Love Jesus.” I think this is an excellent poem that lays the responsibility for our bad lives squarely upon ourselves instead of transferring blame to the . . .
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Justice Sanders’ Bum Rap Regarding African Americans

By Lem Howell – Special to The Times IRONICALLY, Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders has been unfairly targeted for simply stating the fact that a disproportionate representation of African Americans in our prison population is (obviously) the result of a disproportionate rate of criminal convictions. I say “ironically” because Justice . . .
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God’s Desire: A Holy Nation

By Pastor Joe Fuiten Is God interested in nations or only in individuals? In a great many evangelical churches in recent years there has been a wholesale abandonment of the idea that God works within nations in particular ways. In those churches, it is all about evangelism and any sense of discipling . . .
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Another Reason to Vote for Didier over Rossi

Watch this video. . .
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The Frankenstein World the Left Marginalized the Right About

It is amazing we have come this far. Remember even as little as twenty years ago, the Left marginalized the Right, that embryo experimentation could lead to man-animal hybrids? And we are here now? and the Right was right after all? God save our nation. Columbus, OH – May 27, 2010 – . . .
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Immigration reform should be legal, moral, and viable

by Christine Beech Are we concerned about the right things? The Arizona immigration law appears to have raised concerns. But ironically, the concerns are not for our fellow U.S. citizens in Arizona. Instead, the concerns are focused on how the law will impact the individuals who have crossed into the United . . .
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Abortion agencies try to shut down faith-run pregnancy centers

Early this year a very dangerous new bill was introduced in the Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee. Senate Bill 6452 was a direct attack on Washington’s faith-run Crisis Pregnancy Centers by pro-abortion advocates diametrically opposed to their mission.  The bill was an out-and-out assault on both freedom of speech and freedom . . .
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Day of Prayer 2010 – Washington State Proclamation

The State of Washington – Proclamation WHEREAS,  on April 17, 1952, the Congress of the United States approved the Joint Resolution to provide for setting aside an appropriate day as a National Day of Prayer (Public Law 82-324; 66 Stat. 64); and WHEREAS, the history of our nation is indelibly marked with . . .
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Life on the Ranch with Jackie

Whew –  I am out of breath (hard for fat old Polish Woman to convince the body it can run like a 16 year old) and have to take a break…. It is that time of year again when the wildlife and other things start STIRRING around these parts. I mentioned a . . .
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